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Alicia Hullinger - Headshot.jpg

Alicia Hullinger
Vice President
International Coach Federation 
(ICF) Thought Leadership Institute


“Our team had the opportunity to experience coaching for the first time. In working with John, they now have a toolkit of strengths to use in all aspects of life. With this new understanding and language, they have a new confidence and clarity in their work. Our interns found the experience very valuable – highly recommend!


We worked with John to learn about how our individual strengths stack up and interact as a team. We now can look at our team from this new lens and leverage our strengths to help our team excel. These new insights will help our team to work together more effectively. Highly recommend!”

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Patrick Gale
Deal Hub Director
GE Healthcare

“I’ve known and worked with John for just over 7 years and have had the opportunity to experience John’s ability to motivate others and drive actionable outcomes through engaging sessions, both formally and informally. John’s ability to transition from facilitating a conversational group discussion, to driving a message home through stories and analogies is incredibly effective.  His energy is contagious and keeps you at the edge of your seat throughout the session. 


Most recently, John has facilitated two group discussions with my team focused primarily on Inclusion & Diversity. Although this topic may be uncomfortable for some, John’s ability to foster a lively discussion was, once again, incredibly successful! We are truly “better” as a result of John’s leadership, and I’m confident we are on a path towards Knowledge, Understanding, and Wisdom!” 

Curtis Pierson - Headshot.jpg

Curtis Pierson
M.S. Graduate
Biomedical Engineering 
The Ohio State University

“I found John’s presentation regarding Team ACES to resonate with me greatly. When trying to find jobs in a virtual market, the process can be difficult, draining, and overwhelming when there's no direct human interaction. However, John provided new strategies to overcome these hurdles by reflecting on one's attitude and response to hardships. 


In addition, John provided great tips to live a more fruitful lifestyle by focusing on one's Ikigai. I found myself needing this more than ever thanks to quarantine. Thanks to John’s talk, I have begun reframing my focus on life and determining what things I should value more. For that, I'm very appreciative.”

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